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Christmas Wall Cross - The Birth of the King

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This exquisite nativity wall cross is one you will be proud to give or display at Christmas time, and even all year long. Cross has crown design center and a sculpted nativity scene. Engraved with the title The Birth of the King, and these words from a hymn by Martin Luther: Good news from heaven the angels bring, glad tidings to the earth they sing: to us this day a child is given, to crown us with the joy of heaven. Tips of cross have a metal look; crown shape has sparkling clear stone accents. Cross is resin and about 11 3/8 inches high. Finished in a lovely blend of antique silver and gold tones. Comes in attractive gift box with red vac tray and clear lid that has the poem The Birth of the King.

Text of poem: High above the moon and starts sits this mighty King our ours. King of Kings, He rose above, crowned with everlasting love. What gift or treasure can I bring that would be fitting for this King? Gold, perfume, a work of art? Maybe He just wants my heart. Celebrate the holidays and give Him honor, give Him praise! Lift your voices loud and sing, Happy Birthday to our King! (Poem copyright Dicksons, Inc.)

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  • CHWCR-112