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Dear Grandma Letter Sterling Silver Necklace

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Our exclusive “Letter to Grandma” necklace has a pretty new lavender presentation box with new artwork and new version of the poem. Sterling silver envelope really opens to reveal a note tucked inside that reads, “With all my love and care. Phil. 1:3.” Or, you can add a special note of your own! Pendant is ¾”, on 18” sterling silver chain. Text of poem is shown below.I’m writing this letter to wear near your heart, so you’ll be reminded when we are apart, that I know what love is because you have been not only my Grandma, but also my friend. The love in your heart is unlike any other; I’m so very blessed that you are my grandmother. So stamped with God’s goodness and packaged with prayer, this letter comes filled with my love and care.

Alda Maria ©Dicksons

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